The Suppression Design Center (SDC) has been developed to assist in the configuration and design of gaseous suppression systems, create a bill of materials and perform hydraulic calculations, all in one place.


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System Requirements

Input the hazard protection details

Preliminary Bill of Material

View the estimated system components

Isometric Pipe Design

Visualize the system pipe configuration in 3D

Hydraulic Flow Calculation

Pipe & nozzle sizes and flow rates defined

What does this mean for you?

The SDC provides a modern day platform which will guide authorized users through the design and hydraulic flow calculations of a gaseous suppression system, furnishing both design calculations and an estimated bill of materials, simplifying system configurations and improved design quality, rapidly creating system designs and proposals, saving time and avoiding errors.

The SDC currently includes SAPPHIRE PLUS, iFLOW 200 and 300 bar for IG-541 (INERGEN), IG-55, IG-100 (Nitrogen) and IG-01 (Argon) and will be expanded to all other gaseous suppression systems in due course.

Currently Available:

fire sprinkler

Basic – Bill of Materials

Includes System Design Requirements and Bill of Materials.

fire extinguisher

Advanced - Hydraulic

Includes System Requirements, Bill of Materials, Isometric Design and Hydraulic Flow Calculations.