1. What products are available on the SDC?
    Currently SAPPHIRE® PLUS, SAPPHIRE, and iFLOW products are available within the SDC.
  2. When will additional products be available on the SDC?
    The SDC continues to grow in the features and functions that are available through continuous updates and new releases to meet the needs of our global customers.
  3. Who can get access to the SDC?
    Any customer that has access to SAPPHIRE PLUS, SAPPHIRE, and/or iFLOW products and has done the relevant certification training can request access. The tool will be included in future product certification training.
  4. How is the SDC Sold and Priced?
    Access to the SDC is managed via a licensing platform, there are 2 levels of access:

    Basic: this includes the Basic System Design and Bill of Materials Generator for relevant products. Access to this is free, however it does need to be approved by Johnson Controls to ensure you are a Johnson Controls distributor and/or trained on the product.

    Advanced: in addition to the Basic access this will provide the full access to the hydraulic flow calculations including the 3D pipe design. An annual fee does apply to Advanced access in the SDC, this license fee covers all users and advanced products that the company is certified to design.

    See information on how to request access to the tool.

    Use of the software is subject to the SDC Terms & Conditions found here & here.

  5. How do I request access to my account?
    Johnson Controls will initially approve the company to setup an Administrative User. The Administrative User can then provide access to other users in your company.

    If your company needs access please follow the steps.

  6. What if I have an SDC license now, but don’t make any modifications?
    The licenses that are currently active on your account, will remain active until the next expiration or renewal date. Please check the license tool, www.spk-lic.com to verify the expiration date for your company. At that time the licensing fee will apply for advanced licenses. Basic licenses remain free of charge.
  7. I am an existing user of the SDC. How do I add additional products or licenses to my account?
    Additional licenses or products for the SDC can be requested through the Licensing Platform by the Administrative User of the company.

    As an Administrative User, log into your license admin account via the SDC or by Clicking Here.

    In ‘licenses’, select the license that requires to be modified instead of, click ‘modify license’ and follow the steps.

    This is also described in the User guide.

  8. What training is available?
    The User guide can be downloaded once you have access to the SDC.

    As an 'Administrative User' for the company, you will also have access to a User Guide and a Video Tutorial via the Licensing Platform.

  9. What system requirements are there?
    In order to work effectively with the SDC you need to operate it on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
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