Customers who have done the relevant certification training for available products can request access to the SDC.
The SDC will be included in product certification training.

A customer can request two access levels by product and brand:

Basic Access

Includes System Design Requirements and Bill of Materials.

Included free of charge.

Advanced Access

Includes System Requirements, Bill of Materials, Isometric Design and Hydraulic Flow Calculations.

For applicable fee's, contact your JCI representative.

Access to the SDC is granted on a company basis and will be given to a designated User Administrator. The User Administrator is then able to provide access to other users in the company and can manage their access going forward.

Please follow these steps to request access:

  1. Assign one person from your company that will be the User Administrator (an additional user administrator can be added)
  2. Request company access and administrator access by Clicking Here.
    Access should be requested for the relevant product and brand for which training has been completed.
  3. Johnson Controls will review your access
  4. Once approved you will receive an email with your user name and password
  5. Log into the SDC on

Software can be accessed as soon as the request is approved.

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